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Top Interior Design Trends in 2022

The top interior design trends in 2022 feel very inspiring!  In a very all-styles-welcome kind of way, too—which is a nice change-up from the “everything light and white and modern farmhouse” look that has dominated.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love white interiors and I always will. . .but I’m happy that design and decor trends are swinging towards a more eclectic, grounded-by-nature approach. 

Trends are fun to read about, and popularity of styles means they are much easier to find and can also be much more affordable!  That being said, I’m not advocating for people to switch up their spaces just to stick with what’s trending.  Interior decorating should be about expressing who YOU are! 

If you’re into a certain look, and it’s trending, then it’s a good time to hunt around for more pieces you will love.  If you aren’t sure what you’re into, design trends can be a good place to start for inspiration. 

Below, a few top interior design trends in 2022 and some of my fave interpretations.

Sustainable + Organic 

Trouble getting those dining room chairs ordered due to supply-chain issues? Try taking a look at the chairs you already have! What if you sanded, stripped, re-stained the wood? Or painted? Would changing the fabric make you love them again? If you still love the size and shape, think about what you could do to what you have to make you love them again.

Not an option? Head to a second-hand furniture store and see what’s available TODAY.  The second-hand market is more popular than ever!  You can get instant gratification AND feel good about being more eco-friendly. 

Organic materials like clay, glass, wood, and stone are showing up everywhere.  Feel connected to Nature = feel more calm and serene

I love everything about this kitchen from Newhaven Kitchens that was featured in the UK Sunday Times! The green is both energizing and calming. The thick quartz kitchen slab is monolithic but the warm wood floors and arched windows/doors (and chair!) keep things welcoming. The balance of light and dark feels perfect.

Modern Shaker kitchen made from ash painted in custom green available through Newhaven Kitchens. Worktop is veined quartz. newhavenkitchens.ie

Also leather.  This can be animal or vegetable—and vegan versions of leather are getting better every year.  

New is nice, but there’s something comforting about leather with all the scratches that tells a story of many lived-in moments.  Not to mention the heartbreak when your new leather piece gets its first scratch.

I have a client who is thinking about getting rid of her chair and ottoman because the dogs have left their love marks. . .and I’m torn between telling her to keep it and telling her to sell it—to me! 

Go for an accent piece, like a chair.  I love rich chocolate browns and cognac tans!  They ground a space while making it feel refined.  Leather pieces can also lend a more masculine vibe—which is especially great when paired with pieces that have our next trend: feminine curves.

2. Rounded Shapes

Once Upon a Time I had a client who REALLY wanted a curved sofa. That was about 5 years ago.  It was impossible to find one that wasn’t thousands of dollars and vintage.  Now, thanks to all of us feeling like we need more hugs and comforting moments in our lives (thanks, COVID) curvy furniture abounds! 

Incorporate one or two pieces so you have a blend of sharp and rounded edges. This creates more visual depth and interest. 

If you’re a Boss Bitch and want something curvy AND leather, may I present the Piece I Wish I had: 

Swoon.   Don’t be fooled by the Mid-Century lines.  The Eames chair is TIMELESS and will go with EVERYTHING. If you can swing it—buy it.  Buy me one too.  Walnut shell, Lotus Prone leather. xoxo.

3. Multi-tasking Rooms

This goes back to Wardrobe 101: if you can’t pair it with at least two other things you already own, don’t buy it. For Home, this translates to: if you can’t use the space for more than one purpose, re-design it.  

For those of us who have lived/are living in 1000 sq ft or less, this feels like a no-brainer! Literally Every. Square. Foot. Counts.  

If you haven’t done it yet, NOW is the time to turn that guest bedroom into a workout/meditation/office/craft room—with sleeping option, in case someone does actually spend the night. This might be one of the top interior design trends in 2022, but I promise the impact will extend far beyond the calendar year.

Murphy bed, anyone?  I got my sister one for her studio apartment.  Game Changer.

4. High-End Outdoor Spaces 

Folding lawn chairs are being replaced by actual furniture designed to withstand the elements. The Beginner Level charcoal grill is being replaced by a stainless steel Beast with heat settings and attached counter space. 

Frontgate is a favorite retailer of mine, especially for outdoor furniture. It’s all dreamy and extremely well-made.


You’re not just encouraging the kids to run around while you and your friends perch on rickety aluminum frames and hubby tries to get all the burgers cooked at once.  The kids are still running out their energy.  But you’re keeping an eye on them while relaxing in cushy style, and hubby is engineering a three-course grilled feast. 

Shouldn’t every nice weather day be an al fresco occasion? 

All at Frontgate: A little bit Paris bistro, a little bit Farmhouse–all ready for outdoor entertaining!

5. Global Home Decor Inspired by Travel

The lush tropical island vibes of Bali.  Moorish minarets piercing desert skies above Marrakesh.  Travel-inspired decor is always on-trend in my opinion.  I love to design spaces for people based around their favorite vacations—or their dream vacations! I had a client who fell in love with Sedona, AZ.  We used her vacay photos as art and chose bedroom colors/textiles to reflect that sun-baked, desert vibe. 

Regardless of the style theme, the vibe theme for 2022 feels personalized, cozy, welcoming, and multi-functional.  Which I can get down with, because, well, who wouldn’t want that? If you haven’t spruced up your space in awhile, maybe now’s the time to try out some of these top interior design trends!

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