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Holiday House Tour 2022

Ho Ho Ho! We are getting jolly over here at Château Kahn! Here is the teaser Reel I made for Instagram of our Holiday House Tour:

So fun, right?! And you guys–this has been my best performing Reel! Thanks to everyone who saw it, liked it, and shared it!!

But now you REALLY wanna see some of that great holiday decor a little slower, right?

Come on in!

Holiday House Tour 2022 opens with the large paper stars and a festive entry table scape.

This is the second year I’ve done the garland and the stars hanging from the second floor, and everyone loves it! Paper stars and light kits are from IKEA, which means they’re affordable and visually impactful.

The entry table has some fun things on it this year, starting with that lovely Scottish story book by Theresa Breslin and illustrated by Kate Leiper! I just had to have those books after our incredible vacation in Scotland.

This year’s holiday starts off with Bath & Body Works’ Vanilla Bean Noel! I have 3 of these big candles throughout our main level, so the gourmand notes of caramel, sugar cookies, and vanilla bean are hugging you throughout this year’s holiday house tour. Yum.

Do you see that elevated cloche with the little red house inside?
That’s a DIY project! I absolutely love using cloches in decorating, and I promise to get a post out on how to make these enchanting mini wonderlands.

Samson the Bengal Cat never misses an opportunity to cozy up by the fire.

Holiday House Tour: The Pretty Room

It’s sooo pretty too, isn’t it? I didn’t name this room–when my hubby’s kids were little, they weren’t allowed into this formal living room! But they could stand from the entry and look at it. Hence, the moniker. Did your parents have formal rooms you were forbidden to enter as a child? I didn’t, but I also grew up in a Cracker Jack box–nothing was sacred, there wasn’t enough room!

Back to this Pretty Room.

I found the pretty gold and cream holiday pillow on an October Homegoods run with my girlfriend. All the Halloween offerings were awful this year–but I grabbed up this pillow and then hunted down a second one because I knew it was a style I would love for awhile! Classic and versatile.

If you haven’t seen the deer hide around the house before, let me introduce you to “Red”.
My father is an avid Outdoorsman, and in general he enjoys taking in the beauty of nature and his solitary meditations in his tree stand. . .but Red came along and. . .well. . .my family and their friends had all the venison they could wish for that holiday season. And I begged for the hide not to go to waste either, but to be tanned so I could appreciate it around the house. And Red gets around! Oh–this particular deer has an unusual reddish hue to what is normally a brown hide. Apparently there’s a group of them in Upstate New York with this characteristic.
If you don’t know any hunters (or tanners- that’s kind of a fading art form), you could “hunt” for vintage or faux hides. Just because you don’t want “dead things” in your house doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the aesthetic (looking at you, Mom)!

That beautiful lush pre-lit garland came from the end-of-season sale last year at Balsam Hill. And I flocked it myself! My second foray into flocking, I am *kind of* obsessed. Rest assured I will also manifest a DIY post for flocking. It’s messy, easy, fun, and very customizable to one’s personal level of “snow covered” greenery!

Holiday House Tour - Pretty Room details
Across from the fireplace is a simple green and white ode to Winter.

Also in the Pretty Room: a simple Ode to Winter

This marble-topped antique piece is so pretty I don’t usually like to cover the top too much. So I plunked down my cute little architectural lanterns, birch tree bases, mercury glass candle holders, and all the green candles I’ve apparently been hoarding.

Can you spot the DIYs in this photo?

YES – the cone trees!!! Three different styles and I LOVE them. I need more. So there will be a future post on all three of those styles as well. There is a felt tree, a velvet tree, and a yarn tree. The textures of each are so cozy – and grouped together in the same color they make such a pretty textural statement. I’d like to hit up this year’s sales for a few of the stain glass modern trees. I’m all about those end of year sales!

Come on into the Hearth Room! It’s the room for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age–and the tone of the decor is a bit more fun to reflect this! Adorable snowmen around, bright red and white ornaments and some cute little red yarn birds in the tree.

That adorable banner hanging from this fireplace mantel? I made it with the irrepressibly creative, effusively kindhearted Becky Null. Rest assured you will see more creative projects that come from hanging out with Becky in her fantastic Carmel IN studio/storefront 317 Home.

The skinny Christmas tree is actually the artificial one that used to hang out with Santa and the sleigh on our front porch area. . .it was my very first flocking project and I loved it so much I decided it was now going to be our “hearth room” tree.
Of course. . .directly after we brought it in, an entire section of pre-light lights decided to die on us. So. I will be cutting out the lights, hosing it all down, stringing in new lights, and re-flocking.

I’m not *too* upset. It’s a great opportunity to do the promised flocking DIY post! See? Everything happens for a reason, haha.

So those are some of the 2022 holiday house tour highlights! Any favorites? Comment below!

I’m signing off and getting ready for the December frenzy! Cue the eggnog! Fire up the wassail! Bring on the cookie baking, family visiting, carol singing, cute sweater wearing. . .and all the other wonderful moments of the season. Happy Holidays to you and yours! Stay happy, stay healthy, and remember to take some time for yourself this season.

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