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Halloween House Decor Tour 2023

It’s Friday the 13th!! In October! What a perfect day to drop this post. Cue evil laughter.
If you’ve been on my Instagram you already know: Château Kahn is looking SpOoky!! Are you ready for the Halloween House decor tour?

Halloween House Decor starting with the outside!
How about this spooky scene? The tombstones are new this year – aren’t they fab?!
Enter if you Dare!

This year, the Halloween house decor started with the dining room table.

I woke up one morning in late September and had a vision of the cloches I had been using for Christmas decor in the bedrooms transformed into Dark Academia/Cottagecore objects. Moss, mushrooms, dried flowers. . .faux bugs? Maybe gold? No. Silver. And. . .no tablecloth, I wanted the wood tabletop on full display. So maybe a runner. Not moss–I’ve done it and it was messy. Velvet? My wheels were whirring.

After a cup of Pumpkin Spice Cake Nespresso, I hit Amazon with a little more focus. I found the perfect deep, dark, velvet table runner only $17 for a 120-inch! and a little more searching led me to a listing for forest green satin napkins 16 of them for only $10!! Maybe I’ll use them for Christmas, too!
Bugs somehow seem like a necessary element for the halloween house decor scheme on this table. I wavered between jeweled brooches in the cloches or maybe on the napkins. . .but then I saw the silver insect napkin rings ($16) and decided this was gonna be the quick and cheaper option.

See? I’m getting a teensy bit better at knowing my DIY vs Time limitations. I’m totally putting a pin in the possibility of jewel insect brooches as napkin rings/tabletop decor. I think it’s got potential.

Everything else on the dining room table is Halloween house decor we already have! When we hauled up the storage boxes the first thing I do is cherry-pick objects for the dining room table.

Pretty Room: Black with Brass, Burgundy/Purple, & Rust Orange

If you’ve read my Holiday House Tour 2022 post, you already know how the Pretty Room got it’s name. If you don’t, hit the link above! You’ll love seeing Château Kahn decked for the holidays!
This year, I’ve opted for the Practical Magic route and all the brass candlesticks scored for a friend’s 2021 wedding are on the Pretty Room mantel. What color candles? Black! Duh. I got them for a great price and no, they’re not as high quality they do drip some & the twisty ones came broken BUT they look GREAT and I’ve lit them and no problems. After the standard Google hunting, I found the candles at. . . Tablecloths Factory! 12-pack of twisted was $15; the regular ones are 12-pack for $14. That’s pretty great, right? Oh. And free shipping. I’m all about that free shipping.

I saw an image in one of the many home decorating catalogues I get with the fall garland UNDER the mantel. Mind. Blown. This is the perfect solution because it’s a kind of a narrow mantel and there’s no way all the candlesticks AND a leafy garland can coexist peacefully up there. Command hooks to the assist! I just used the bitty ones I found in a drawer. Commands are the best, aren’t they? A thousand blessings to whatever genius team came up with them.

This garland it’s actually 2 is from Grandin Road along with a LOT of our Halloween house decor circa 2018. It’s a mood, right?

Don’t you just love the black, brass, and burgundy/purples together?!

On the other side of the room I’ve got some dark orange lights setting the mood on more brass with black elements. This time I’ve got more of the cream, amber, and rusty orange on the scene. And the apples! $3 at Target. I had to have ’em and I love the Evil Queen vibe they give off, being in with all the spooky decor.

What do you think? Sometimes I do the entire room the same, sometimes I do different-but-still-complementary looks on the opposing walls of this room.

Honestly, I think I would have liked to have the purple and burgundy thing goin’ over here too–but I get my purple fix in the next room on the tour. . .read on, if you dare!

Solarium: A Witchy Scene

This room started with the purple lights. As I’m getting them up, I’m looking at that rustic chandelier and thinking about the Spanish moss I’ve got leftover from our wedding reception favors. Once that was up things were looking decidedly witchy! So in comes the funky tiered thing I found at IKEA years ago and before I know it I’ve got all my witchy bits and bobs in place. Magic! The last thing I add are these cute little tags on the “potions”. I made up the tags from a gift tag template in Canva.

These pillow covers are $14 on Amazon, I bought them on a total whim, and I have no regrets!

Well. I wish I had bought the 20″ instead of the 18′. I REALLY had to work to cram the feather inserts in there. Like. I kind of broke a sweat. On the positive side: I can say with confidence the seams are sturdy construction.

They’re the perfect addition to our Halloween house decor collection. Black and white is always a good colorway to invest in! Endless ways to style it.

Entry, Living Room, Kitchen: Classic Halloween

We’re keepin’ it classic in the main spaces! Mark and I are both big fans of the classic black and orange, nostalgic-looking halloween house decor. The Halloween “Wheel of Fortune” metal piece to the right on the entry table is so fun! We scored it at Michael’s a couple years ago. All the “fortunes” are positive, which we just love. Everyone who comes over has to spin for their fortune.

Can you spot the little black bird with the witch hat, perched at the bottom right of the entry painting? It’s so cute and totally keeps the light and playful classic theme of the main spaces, don’t you think? In case the bat skeleton, rats, or creepy “old phone” that says spooky things freaks you out, don’t worry. The cheeky lil blackbird is there to lighten things up. The big Book of Spells is actually what we use for handing out candy on the big night! I love that thing.

And then of course there’s our loyal Butler, Albert. He and his snooty dog are about as classic as it comes! Everyone gets a kick out of being greeted by Albert.

Okay! Let’s head to the heart of the house: the kitchen! The pub table in the kitchen gets to have the dramatic Z Gallerie candelabra this year. I rounded out the display with one of the classic dark orange ceramic pumpkins and these adorable ghost salt and pepper shakers we picked up at a local garden center.

Moving into the living room! The mantel in here has some of it’s regular elements – the orange and black lanterns! I moved the rustic (American Folk Art?) “clock” (it’s a pocket watch!) and picked up the mantel scarf on Amazon this year. I don’t even know how I’ve been decorating without it! Creeps up the space quite nicely. Maybe next year I’ll get fishing wire and dangle a few plastic spiders off it.

Those are some of the highlights of this year’s Halloween House! Which room would you hang out in? Let me know in the comments, and have a haunting good Halloween, friends!


  1. Paula La Lopa
    October 31, 2023 / 6:43 pm

    Perusing your Halloween decor put me in a festive mood while waiting for trick-or-treaters to arrive at my door. Chic-scary with fabulous color themes. Looks like you had a lot of fun creating the mood! Your posts never disappoint.

    • Veronica
      November 4, 2023 / 2:53 pm

      I’m so glad you felt inspired! That makes my heart so happy! If you ever decide to let go of YOUR classic vintage Halloween decor, you know I’d be honored to find a place for it at my house 😉

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