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Anthropologie Dupes – Making Merry Macrons!

Spray paint and metallic gilding foil turned the ugly viral TikTok stool into Making Merry Macaron Anthropologie dupes!

As soon as I saw the giant macarons in the windows at the Rockefeller store during my NYC holiday visit, I knew Anthropologie dupes were in my future! Here’s the major cheat I found to get around fabricating them – and how I painted and foiled my way to dupe the display. Bonus: this is perfect DIY decor for Valentine’s day!

The Inspo

Anthropologie Dupes – Making Merry Macrons Fabrication Cheat

I Googled “giant macaron decor” (lots of options) and then tried “macaron stool” and oh happy day, here comes a bunch of listings for some awful-looking but supposedly “viral TikTok” Homegoods item:

Somehow this tacky decor item went viral on TikTok? I purchased second-hand from someone who came to her senses and realized it's ugly.

The fact that something so ugly allegedly “went viral” makes makes me a bit concerned for the style aesthetics of the general public. I mean. Yikes. But good for me–a little spray paint and foil and my Anthropologie macaron dupes are going to be ready for display!

Supplies List

  • Nab one of these pastel stools here on Mercari (where I bought mine)
  • Dawn/Dish soap and a rag – you wanna wipe your stool clean.
  • Spray paint: I used: Project Source “Gloss Red”, Rustoleum “Gloss Candy Pink”, and Krylon “Gloss Red Plum”
  • Face mask/protection when spray painting. A full-face respirator is high on my wish list.
  • Painter’s tape and plastic (I cut up a heavy-duty trash bag) or newspaper to cover macarons section by section when painting.
  • Multiple colors of gilding foil metallic leaf sheets. I purchased this multi-color set on Amazon.
  • Metallic leaf adhesive, brushes to apply – I got this glue on Amazon. (I got the kit but decided not to use varnish for this project)
  • Top Coat: I’m not topping this with anything, it’s not getting a lot of use. But my rec would be get the glue and varnish kit and use that on the gilded areas.
  • Drop cloth to cover your work surface. I use an old bed sheet.
  • A wheeled platform dolly really comes in handy when spray painting and gilding! I got my set of 2 on Amazon.

Get Crafting your Anthropologie Dupes!

Your environment is going to dictate your timeline for this project. Since it’s late January in Indiana, I’m spray-painting in my NEW tent in the garage (with a space heater) so my dry times are longer. I spent one day per paint color; re-coating as necessary (this took one full coat, with 2-3 passes around to target nooks and crannies) then letting the stool dry until evening, when I took the painter’s tape, plastic, and newspaper off and brought it into my laundry room to get it as cured as possible. Then the next morning, I tape up the next section and take the stool back out to my paint tent and start the process on the next macaroon. So it looks like this:

Day 1:
Use painter’s tape to tape off the “filling” of the top and bottom macarons.
Spray the MIDDLE macaron to start your Anthropologie dupes project.

I didn’t – I started at the top. But here’s why I’m telling you to start in the middle: YOU DON’T NEED TO WORRY ABOUT TAPING THE MACARONS OFF YET. I went for the candy pink in the center. Since I’m planning to use rose gold metal foil on the filling, I figured painting the filling is fine. In addition, painting the middle without taping off is going to ensure complete coverage of that pastel green, and there won’t be any awkward pink or purple showing at the center either. And believe me: you want this! It might take a few coats. Keep them light and consider turning your stool upside-down to make sure you get even coverage. Don’t worry about over-spraying the top and bottom macaroons: they’re both going to be darker colors and will go over that candy pink just fine.

DO make sure to tape off the white “filling” of the top and bottom macarons first tho if you are going to go pale gold and silver like I did. The white base will ensure a more true gold and silver tone. Take your time with this! You want to be as precise as possible. Cover the white part only.

Day 2: Tape off the middle to lower macaron. Spray paint your top macaron.

Make sure your candy pink center macaron is dry then tape off from the top of that macaron. Take your time with the painter’s tape and make your line as even as possible! Press with a butter or palate knife or closed tip of scissors to ensure the tape is firmly in place. Cut a garbage bag or use newspaper and, with half the tape against the macaron and half holding the plastic/paper, go all the way around and completely down the stool.

I didn’t flip the stool over for the top and bottom macarons. When you go in for your follow-up light coats just look at multiple angles and make sure to get all the nooks and crannies sprayed.

When you’re done, and the paint is pretty set, take the painter’s tape CAREFULLY off the middle white part and take the tape and plastic/paper covering CAREFULLY and SLOWLY off the rest of the stool. If there is some color showing around the middle, don’t fret! We will go over it with the metallic foil.

Day 3: Flip your stool over. Tape off and cover the middle and top of the stool. Tape over the little pads on the base. No sense painting and maybe having the paint scrape off on your floors!

This is going to look just like Day 2: only now you’re painting the bottom and last macaron!

Day 4-6: Time to bling these Anthropologie Dupes with some colored metallic foil!

Confession: I have never used metallic leaf foil sheets before! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be trying this technique. If I can do it–you can for damn sure do it too! READ THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT COME WITH WHATEVER GILDING KIT YOU GET! In general, here’s how this works:

If you use the adhesive from the link above, you need to add in water. I ended up using about 1Tbs of the glue to about 3/4 tsp water. I mixed it up in an old laundry detergent cup, pouring any leftover glue/water mix into a ziplock to save for next macaron section/next day. More on this below.

  • Apply the adhesive: use the little brush (or a bigger brush. . .I used an older 2′ angled paint brush for the larger stool top) and do it just like paint. Coat the surface evenly, don’t overload it. If you’re feeling timid, try working in smaller sections. As you get more comfortable with the process – and the setting time of the adhesive – you can coat larger areas at a time.* Wash your brush immediately. The glue you can leave out until you are finished gilding, in case you missed any areas. But get any leftover in a ziplock and wash out your container asap for easy removal.
  • Apply the metal leaf: do yourself a favor and cut the binding edge off the paper for easier handling. Keep the separator pages between the leaves and bring them all over by your project. Lift one sheet of leaf, CAREFULLY take top paper off. Keep paper on the back. Press the metal leaf to the surface, tapping/rubbing it through the paper from behind. Carefully take the paper off and repeat until all the glue is covered by the leaf. Slightly overlap the pages. No gaps is way better.
  • Fix the gaps – the pros call this “faulting”: cut pieces or use any larger chunks that are hanging loose and cover up any spots where the leaf is missing. For me the glue was still tacky enough for the pieces to adhere. If your glue dries you will need to go in sparingly with more glue, wait til it goes clear, then apply leaf.
  • Clean it up: When all the adhesive is covered, use a soft cloth to gently “dust off” the loose leaf and smooth down the surface of your project. Be super gentle! Pick up all the discarded paper. Shake your drop cloth into the trash. If foil bits are sticking to your spray-painted macaron areas, try using painter’s tape: stick the tape on and peel it off. The foil bits should stick to the tape!

*Of course, ya gal over here has zero patience especially when nervous soooo. . . I started off with a generous coat all over the top of the stool and recklessly started with my top red macaron. My glue mix started turning clear (this is the indicator it’s ready!) at the 35 minute mark. It took me about 30 frantic minutes to get all the red leaf on. Another 30 minutes or so to fine-tune and cover any gaps. I got the top gilded (including faulting) with three sheets to spare.

I started off with gloves, but it was awkward. If you get glue on the gloves, you need new gloves. If you get glue on your fingers, you can stop and wash your hands. Dry them really well so the foil sheets don’t stick to you!

Repeat the Gilding process until you’re happy with your Making Merry Macaron Anthropologie dupes!

If you’re like me and you’ve got to budget time around other things, I put “day 4-6” in for you. I gilded the top macaron one evening (about 2 hrs with glue setting and cleanup. . .and first-time hesitations). “Filling” centers of all three macarons the next evening (maybe 1.5 hrs). Bottom macaron the next day (about 1 hr).

Painter’s tape (as mentioned in the clean up) is also how I achieved the speckled look of the middle pink layer. I put down glue randomly, put foil over it, went all the way around top and bottom of the pink macaroon like that. Then went back around with painter’s tape, pulling up the foil until I had a speckled look I liked.

This was such a FUN project! And there are so many other decor items you can turn into DIY Valentine’s decor with these spray paint colors and gilding leaf technique! Whatcha think? Are you gonna try it? Let me know in the comments below if you snag the “viral TikTok macaron stool” or if you’ve got other fun plans for this Valentine’s DIY technique!

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