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A Cottagecore Bedroom for a Princess

Happy Hump Day! This is a quickie post! (Pun totally intended.)
I’ve been super busy re-purposing pieces I already have (woo hoo!) and pieces I just picked up (can’t help myself!) for this ADORABLE cottagecore bedroom design:

Cottagecore Bedroom mood board!

How about this Mood Board? SO dreamy, right?

Most of the pics were pulled from my client’s daughter’s Pinterest. She already had this aesthetic all over her boards. She actually has a French Provincal bed frame similar to the one pictured (from Chairish). Thankfully hers is in better shape AND she’s got the matching dressers and a hutch. Lucky girl!

There are also a few of my DIY pieces on this Cottagecore Bedroom board!

That sweet cabinet with fairies and gold harlequin? Yeah, I totally did that in about 3 hours over three days. Purchased at Target for maybe $40 around 2012, I have two of these cabinets and they have been my spring/summer and fall/winter shoe closets ever since! I only wish I had taken the time to modify them before.

This was such a quick and easy project.

I used Dixie Bell Slick Stick for the first time and cha-ching! Miracle product!

No need to try and sand that cheap particle board veneer–and I only painted one coat of the Slick Stick. Let it sit overnight then followed up with two coats of a pretty pale grey sample pot that’s been taking up garage shelf space for almost 2 years.

The cheap plastic handles get an upgrade with spray paint. Just the Krylon Metallic I already had. It’s a bit on the yellow side. Then to keep it consistent, I combined two types of Folk Art Acrylic gold paints: Mayan Gold and Gold (I think it’s just “Gold”. It’s super yellow and I’m not a fan BUT combined with the more muted Mayan it becomes the perfect shade.)

This Cottagecore bedroom will have lots of French Rococo Princess feels too! So I have been busy creating some gleaming accent pieces to fit this aesthetic.

How about these uglies to pretties? Whew! More pieces I have owned for awhile, and yes–they lived on my walls looking like the “before” photo. I swear they looked decent in the gallery wall mix of the time. But again–I told myself when I bought them they were getting a makeover. And I never got around to it! Until. . .oh. . .about two weeks ago.

March Madness means back-to-back basketball on the TV. . .and a fantastic opportunity for me to throw a sheet over the coffee table and do some small-scale projects.

These little pieces turned out so perfect!

Again with the “why the hell didn’t I do that 10 years ago” and hand slap to face. Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White, and AS Dark Wax give the perfect Old World finish. I’m getting a bit better with this dark wax stuff. The key is definitely to lay down some clear wax beforehand. And work in small sections.

I used Rub n Buff in Antique Gold to highlight. Not to be confused with the brighter Gold Leaf from the ugly duckling floor lamp makeover. I’m back and forth on best application technique for the Rub n Buff. But since this was a quickie project I just used my fingers.

A Goodwill score turned Glam will be the perfect accent piece on the wall of this cottagecore bedroom.

This iron piece is fantastic!! I hauled it out from a bottom shelf with barely contained glee on my most recent GW spree. Yes that rhymed on purpose. I’m feeling really poetic about this entire bedroom decorating commission.

It holds a taper but the base is wide enough it will also hold a glass or jar candle.

Literally 20 minutes to clean it up and layer in my go-to combo for an authentic gold hammered (but not too hammered) look: Krylon Metallic gold + Rust-Oleum Hammered gold.

These two are very similar to the Folk Art gold acrylics. The hammered gold is cooler, almost like a champagne. The Krylon is a more yellow gold. Together they can be layered for the perfect “old” gold and the hammered texture gives interest and authenticity.

I have at least TWO more DIY projects on the docket for this cottagecore bedroom. So stay tuned!

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