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5 Ways to Bring the Aloha Life Into Your Home

If I say “Aloha Life” and your mind conjures up images of golden sand beaches, technicolor turquoise ocean, lush jungles, and smiling women in grass skirts with leis. . .you’re in the right place. After spending some time on Kauai, “The Garden Island”, I can tell you it looks just as you’ve imagined. And everyone who greets you or says farewell uses “Aloha”.
But there’s a whole lot more to the word Aloha than “hello” and “goodbye”. Aloha is like a mantra for a mindset–it’s the word that suggests an entire lifestyle! I’m gonna break down the meaning and give you 5 ways to bring this aloha life vibe into your own home.

Getting a taste for the aloha life with my very first foray into the Pacific Ocean!
My very first time with toes in the Pacific Ocean! Kealia Beach. 4.3.24

Meaning of Aloha in the Hawaiian Islands

I love this explanation from the Skyline Hawai’i blog: “Aloha is an essence of being: love, peace, compassion, and a mutual understanding of respect. Aloha means living in harmony with the people and land around you with mercy, sympathy, grace, and kindness.”
I’m not sure if there is a similar sentiment word or phrase in the Yucatán Peninsula, but the local people I met on my trip in February to Tulum also seemed to possess this living-in-harmony-with-the-world mindset. It’s so much more fulfilling to the soul when you allow yourself to slow down and appreciate the world around you! Hence this little strategy post!

Living la Vida Aloha on the Mainland

It’s one thing to get loose, live in the moment, and be positive when you’re on vacation. It takes a little more effort when you’ve got work deadlines, a strict schedule to keep your (and the household’s) life on track, and some jerk-off just cut you off on the interstate. So how to hang on to your best-version Vacation Self? It’s all about the little things.
First thing.
Get a scent in the car that reminds you of the beach, so you can breathe that in after avoiding vehicular disaster, when you’re taking deep breaths and reminding yourself murder is wrong.
As for the rest, well, you know I’m a big proponent of your home as a sanctuary. So I’m saying: boost the good vibes at home! And by good– I mean living the Aloha life good.

5 Ways to bring the Aloha Life into your home

1. Embrace Nature: Get some tropical plants

I feel like every other plant I saw in Kauai was a giant and thriving version of the ones we desperately try to keep happy and in our houses here. No wonder they’re so upset! They need extra love from us to make up for the fact they’re not hanging with their cousins in plant paradise. This means light, water, misting of leaves. . .and don’t be afraid to talk to them!
Tropical plants I have around the house that require indirect light and not too much effort:

  • Bird of Paradise: keep the watering to a minimum to control growth because they get BIG. . but won’t ever bloom like the ones in Kauai, sadly.
  • Rubber Plant: dark green/purple does better in darker rooms than the variegated in my experience
  • Christmas Cactus: keep it kind of root-bound and it will bloom more. Water it plenty as it’s more of a succulent than a cactus.
  • Chinese Evergreen: Ok, I didn’t see any of these on Kauai. But it looks tropical AND is happiest in low light. I’ve got one in my dining room–one of the darker rooms in the house–it’s the happiest it’s ever been.
  • Orchids: the ultimate in tropical vibes and colorful beauty! TBH I treat them as longer-term cut flowers. When the blooms go, I let the plant go for compost. I just don’t have success in re-blooming. But I know people who do– so feel free to try!
Anyone have a monstera? It’s on my list to try out!

2. Support Community

Buy Local! Art and decor from local vendors OR local art you buy on vacation can lend a great vibe to your space. Bonus points for positive sayings or images, as choosing to see the good is a big part of the aloha life! Hit the farmer’s markets to support local producers. It’s amazing to actually meet and talk with the person who grew the tomatoes, or harvested the honey. Or made the goat milk soap.

3. Host a Luau

In the Hawaiian islands, a luau is so much more than a party. It’s a way to cultivate meaningful connections and a celebration of their cultural heritage. I had the opportunity to attend the Aulii Luau oceanfront at the Sheraton Kauai. Watching the dancing and listening to the songs telling the story of how the ancestors came to the island was incredible. So much so that even when it started to positively downpour on us. . .we stayed put and huddled into our ponchos to watch the fire dancing finale.
Honor the aloha life with a gathering of your loved ones. Serve up some of the local produce you picked out at the farmer’s markets on that pupu platter!

Cooking/baking and sharing food is one of my own personal ways of showing love. I’m not big on expressing feelings, but if I’m bringing baked goods to your place or hosting you at mine. . . consider it a high expression of my love for ya.

4. Adopt a Gratitude Practice

Appreciating what you have is such a big part of the aloha spirit. If you’re not doing this yet, you absolutely need to start consciously and deliberately stating to yourself and the universe what you are thankful for in your life. This can be as simple running through your day in your head at night and pausing over the moments you enjoyed. Or you can get a journal and pen that please you and write down a few of these things before bed. Documenting is great because it gives you the opportunity to page back and reflect on all the little moments you’ve appreciated over the weeks, months, years. Wanna know more? Hit this link for benefits and simple ways to practice gratitude.

Returning the lei flowers to the ocean is a traditional practice on Kauai and speaks to the aloha life mindset of being grateful.
Returning the lei flowers to the ocean on my last day on Kauai.

5. Be Present in the Now

You know when you’re on vacation, and you’re watching the sun set, or your loved ones around you are laughing, and you think, I wish I could freeze this moment in time as you try to soak up every single detail of the scene? That is living in the moment. You’re not dwelling on what happened a few days ago. You’re not fretting about the future. You are fully and completely immersed in the scene around you.

Play some classic Hawaiian tunes to help anchor you in the present moment. Is there anything more relaxing or happy than the strumming of a ukulele? I’m honestly asking. I’m kind of thinking not.
A Kauai sunset to help you live in the aloha life present moment.
Sunset off the west coast of Kauai.

Have you been to any of the Hawaiian Islands? Is it on the bucket list?

Catch the spirit – and let me know if you find a fave strategy for living your own Aloha Life at home!


  1. Paula La Lopa
    April 18, 2024 / 1:43 pm

    Another fabulous blog! I so enjoy your word-artistry! Your blogs are fun and informative. The pictures you include are lovely. Thank you for taking me on a magical blog-trip!

    • Veronica
      May 14, 2024 / 11:17 am

      Aw, stop, I’m blushing haha. I know you’ve been to Hawaii too–I hope my tips felt authentic to the culture you also experienced 🙂

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